ready mix asphalt mixing plant for exporting for factory cheap price

ready mix asphalt mixing plant for exporting for factory cheap price

Asphalt is a popular material for road construction and other uses. The ready mix asphalt plant can produce large quantities of asphalt in a short period of time, making it an ideal choice for exporting to factories.

What is a ready mix asphalt plant?

Ready mix asphalt plants are used to produce asphalt for use in a variety of applications including construction, industrial, and roading. They are a type of batch plant that uses a rotating drum to blend various types of aggregate and binder together to create a smooth, wet asphalt.

Ready mix asphalt plants can be used to produce asphalt for export for factory cheap price. They are simple to operate and have low startup costs, making them an ideal choice for smaller projects. Additionally, ready mix plants are versatile and can be adapted to produce different types of asphalt, making them a good option for companies that need to expand their manufacturing capabilities.

How does a ready mix asphalt plant work?

A ready mix asphalt plant is a manufacturing plant that produces asphalt by mixing raw materials including coal, coke, and limestone. The plant also includes a number of equipment including a conveyor belt, a crusher, and a mixer. The plant mixes the raw materials to create a smooth, black slurry that can be used for road and building construction.

How much does a ready mix asphalt plant cost?

When looking to buy a ready mix asphalt plant, there are a few factors you should consider. Depending on the plant’s features, size, and capacity, the price can range from a few thousand dollars to tens of millions of dollars.
Ready mix asphalt plants produce asphalt by mixing a slurry of hot asphalt and fine aggregate (usually sand or gravel) in a large tank or mixer. As the mixture heats up, the asphalt viscousifies and is forced through a pipe network into pellet form. The plant operator then spreads the pellets on the ground using a mechanical arm and finishes the application with a roller. Ready mix plants are typically used for small-scale production jobs such as patching and filling potholes.
Ready mix plants come in two types – batch plants and continuous plants. Batch plants operate as individual units that can produce up to 2 million square feet of asphalt per day. Continuous plants can produce up to 50 million square feet per day.
The average price of an asphalt plant varies depending on its features, size, and capacity but is typically in the thousands of dollars range.

What are the benefits of using a ready mix asphalt plant?

There are many benefits to using a ready mix asphalt plant for exporting. The most obvious benefit is that the plant is much cheaper to operate than a traditional asphalt plant. This is because the plant uses pre-mixed ingredients, so there is no need to mix the asphalt yourself. This also means that the plant can be run more quickly and efficiently, which saves on costs. Another advantage of using a ready mix asphalt plant is that it can produce a high quality product. This is because the ingredients are carefully chosen and calibrated to produce a consistent finish. Finally, using a ready mix asphalt plant allows you to export your product more easily. This is because the plant can produce large batches of asphalt quickly and easily, which can be transported in bulk.


Ready mix asphalt mixing plant is a type of small-scale aggregate manufacturing equipment which is widely used in many countries, such as the United States, Canada, Mexico, India and so on. It can produce high quality asphalt in a short time with low investment and operation costs.

ready mix asphalt mixing plant for exporting for factory cheap price