ready mix asphalt mixing asphalt mixing sale in nigeria factory price

ready mix asphalt mixing asphalt mixing sale in nigeria factory price

Ready mix asphalt (RMA) is a type of asphalt that’s made from a combination of processed and virgin materials. It has a smoother surface than traditional asphalt and can be used in areas where the surface is too rough for traditional asphalt. RMA is also easier to repair than traditional asphalt, so it can be less expensive to maintain.

What is asphalt mixing?

Asphalt mixing is the process of combining two or more types of asphalt in order to create a new asphalt mixture. The two types of asphalt that are most commonly mixed together are bitumen and Portland cement. This mixture is then compacted and used as a pavement or road surface.

There are a few benefits to using asphalt mixing. First, it allows for the use of smaller amounts of each type of asphalt, which reduces the cost and environmental impact of the project. Second, mixing gives the asphalt a smoother, more consistent finish. Finally, mixing can help to avoid problems with drainage and air infiltration.

The different types of asphalt mix

The ready mix asphalt mixing plant in Nigeria is a highly sophisticated and reliable machinery, used to mix the different types of asphalt.
The plant can be customized to meet the specific needs and demands of the asphalt market.
There are many types of ready mix asphalt plants in the market today that offer a wide range of features and capabilities. Here is a brief overview of some of the most popular types of plants:

The batch plant is the simplest type of plant, it uses large drums to mix the cement, gravel, and sand together. The plant is good for small batches or for projects that do not require high quality asphalt.

The continuous plant uses a revolving drum to mix the ingredients together. This type of plant is better for large batches because it can handle more material at one time. It also has faster production speeds than the batch plant.

The semi-continuous plant is similar to the continuous plant, but it has two rotating drums instead of one. This allows the machine to mix the ingredients more evenly, which results in a superior product.

The rotary drum machine is similar to the semi-continuous plant, but it uses discs instead of drums. This machine is good for larger batches because

How ready mix asphalt mixing works

Ready mix asphalt mixing is a process that takes raw materials like aggregate and cement, and blends them together to create a smooth, uniform asphalt surface. This type of asphalt is often used in construction projects, as it’s easy to work with and relatively cheap to install.

To make ready mix asphalt, the raw materials are first blended together in a large truck or mixer. The mixture is then spread out over a large area using a roller or shovel, and allowed to set. Once the mixture has hardened, it can be easily removed using a road grader or paving machine.

Ready mix asphalt is generally less expensive than traditional asphalt products, but it’s still important to choose the right supplier. Some Factors To Consider When Choosing A Ready Mix Asphalt Supplier include: experience, equipment availability, pollution levels, and quality control procedures.

The benefits of asphalt mixing

Asphalt is a versatile and essential construction material used in many different applications. In order to meet the needs of a growing construction industry, asphalt has been mixed with different types of aggregates and other materials to create a variety of products. However, the most common type of asphalt is ready mix asphalt, which is made up of small pieces of hot-mixed asphalt and gravel.
Ready mix asphalt can be used in a variety of ways, including as a paving material, an overlay for roads and driveways, or a surface for roofing.
One of the main benefits of ready mix asphalt is its ease of use. Unlike other types of asphalt, ready mix can be mixed quickly and easily using a shovel or a truck loader. This makes it ideal for use in areas where time is critical or where there is a lot of traffic.
Another benefit of ready mix asphalt is its low cost. Ready mix asphalt is typically much cheaper than other types of asphalt, making it an affordable option for many construction projects. Additionally, due to its quick and easy mixing ability, ready mix can be used in areas that are difficult to access or where there are limited resources.

What are the prices for ready mix asphalt mixing?

Ready mix asphalt mixing is a great option for those looking for an affordable way to get the job done. Prices for ready mix asphalt mixing can vary depending on the location, but in most cases, it is much cheaper than using a contractor. In some cases, the prices even rival that of using a gravel truck.

Ready mix asphalt mixing is typically used on roads and parking lots. It is easy to use and can be mixed quickly. This makes it a great option for small projects or emergencies. Ready mix asphalt mixing is also environmentally friendly, which is a big benefit in today’s climate.


Ready mix asphalt mixing is the process of combining a small amount of asphalt with its binding agent, such as gravel or sand, in order to create a slurry for use on roads and other surfaces. This article will provide you with information about ready mix asphalt mixing, including prices for sales in Nigeria factories.

ready mix asphalt mixing asphalt mixing sale in nigeria factory price