ready mix asphalt mixing Drum asphalt mixing for Standard

ready mix asphalt mixing Drum asphalt mixing for Standard

Asphalt is the most popular type of road surface, used in both rural and urban areas. It can be made from a variety of materials, but the two most common are gravel and bitumen. The ability to mix these materials together to create a smooth surface is what sets asphalt apart from other types of road surfaces.

What is Drum Asphalt Mixing?

Drum asphalt mixing is a process where asphalt is mixed using a rotating drum. The drum is filled with a finely ground mixture of aggregate, water and asphalt. The drum is then rotated at high speeds, which causes the mixture to be heated and agitated. This results in a more consistent and accurate mix than traditional methods such as shoveling or spreading. Drum asphalt mixing is often used when a premixed asphalt product is not available or desired.

How Drum Asphalt Mixing Works

Drum asphalt mixing is a process that involves breaking down the larger chunks of asphalt into smaller pieces so that it can easily be distributed and mixed with other materials. This type of asphalt is also known as ready mix asphalt, as it is already prepared and ready for use.

Advantages of Drum Asphalt Mixing

When it comes to asphalt mixing, drumming up a batch of the goo can be a faster and more efficient way to get the job done. Here are some advantages of using a drum mixer:

– Drum asphalt mixing is faster than traditional batch asphalt mixing. This is because drums can be filled and mixed quickly, allowing for a more efficient process.
– Drum mixers are also less likely to clog. This is because the smaller particles in a drum mix are easier to break down and flow evenly.
– Drum mixers are portable, which makes them great for on-site usage.
– Drum mixers are also less expensive than traditional batch mixers.

Disadvantages of Drum As asphalt Mixing

There are a few disadvantages to using drums for asphalt mixing. First, drums are heavy and require a lot of manpower to move around. This can be a problem if you’re trying to mix the asphalt in a large area. Secondly, drums tend to produce more noise than other types of mixing equipment, which can be disruptive when working near them. Finally, drums are difficult to clean and can become contaminated quickly if not kept clean.

Who Uses Drum Asphalt Mixing?

Drum asphalt mixing is most commonly used by construction companies and contractors because it is efficient and quick. Drum asphalt mixing is perfect for large projects that need to be completed quickly, such as road construction or repairs.

The drum mixer consists of two parts: the drum itself and the mixer. The drum contains the asphalt mix and the mixer mixes the asphalt together while it’s rotating. This allows for a smooth and consistent finish on your project.

The benefits of using a drum asphalt mixer are that it’s fast and efficient. It also produces a smooth finish that looks good and lasts longer than other types of asphalt mixings.


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ready mix asphalt mixing Drum asphalt mixing for Standard