CMP1250 pan ready mix asphalt mixing asphalt mixing for China high quality

CMP1250 pan ready mix asphalt mixing asphalt mixing for China high quality

Asphalt is a very common and important material in many construction projects, like roads and bridges. As such, it’s important to have a good asphalt mixer that can handle large quantities of asphalt quickly and efficiently. The CMP1250 pan ready mix asphalt mixer is perfect for this purpose, as it has a high capacity and is able to mix large batches of asphalt quickly and easily.

What is CMP1250?

The CMP1250 asphalt mixing plant is a new asphalt batching and mixing technology that has been developed for the Chinese market. It is a high quality, low cost asphalt plant that can produce ready mix asphalt in a variety of different colors and grades.

This plant is perfect for the Chinese market because it is fast and easy to use. You can start production quickly by using the pre-mixing step to prepare the ground surface. Then, you can use the CMP1250 plant to mix the asphalt and aggregate together.

This plant is also versatile, so you can produce a variety of different types of asphalt. You can produce hot mix asphalt, cold mix asphalt, or premixed concrete.

If you are looking for a low cost, high quality asphalt plant that can produce ready mix asphalt in a variety of colors and grades, then the CMP1250 is the perfect option for you.

Advantages of using CMP1250

asphalt mixing is an essential process in the construction industry. It is used to create smooth, durable surfaces for roads and buildings.

There are many different types of asphalt mixing machines on the market, but the CMP1250 is one of the most popular. This machine is capable of producing high quality asphalt mixes.

The CMP1250 has a number of advantages that make it a popular choice among asphalt mixers. These include its reliability and its ability to produce high quality mixes.

The CMP1250 is also easy to operate, which makes it perfect for use in busy construction environments. Its speed and its capacity make it a versatile machine that can be used to create many different types of mixes.

If you are looking for a reliable and high quality asphalt mixer, the CMP1250 is a perfect option.

How to use CMP1250

The CMP1250 is a high quality pan ready mix asphalt mixing asphalt mixer that is perfect for use in China. This mixer can produce consistent and high quality asphalt mixes.

To use the CMP1250, first make sure that you have all of the necessary ingredients and equipment ready. You will need a bucket, a shovel, and a tarp. Next, mix the ingredients together in the bucket until they are fully combined. Finally, spread the mixture out over the surface of the tarp and use the shovel to spread it evenly.

Mixing CMPasphalt

One of the most important factors when mixing CMP asphalt is ensuring that the correct proportions of sand and asphalt are used. Too much sand can cause the asphalt to become too sticky, while too much asphalt can make the mixture too stiff.

It is also important to keep in mind the temperature of the asphalt when mixing it. The temperature should be kept between 68 and 77 degrees Fahrenheit to prevent cracking.

Maintenance and storage of CMPasphalt

One of the biggest challenges faced when mixing CMPasphalt is maintaining its quality. The asphalt must be stored and handled correctly in order to avoid damage and ensure high quality.

To maintain quality, CMPasphalt must be kept at a consistent temperature. It should not be stored in direct sunlight or in cold environments, which can cause it to crack or become brittle. It should also be stored in a dry environment to prevent it from becoming waterlogged.

Once mixed, CMPasphalt must be properly distributed to avoid hotspots and potholes. It should also be layered evenly throughout the surface to avoid any cracks or tears.


CMP1250 pan ready mix asphalt mixing is the latest development in China asphalt mixing industry, it has better performance and higher quality. It can be used for normal and heavy traffic areas. It is also suitable for sealing and repairing asphalt roads, buildings and other structures.

CMP1250 pan ready mix asphalt mixing asphalt mixing for China high quality